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Our customers testify

“Thanks to Cdiscount, we were able to offer Mall customers new items from France. We have been able to increase the sales exponentially and are looking forward for further cooperation in larger scale.”

17th, December 2019

Jakub Kovac

Sales Executive - Mall


"Thanks to our partnership with Cdiscount and their dropshipping solution, we have been able to add a considerable amount of products to our existing offer. After the integration of their catalogue, we have increased our sales while offering a wider range of products to our customers. The products are in stock in Europe, which allows a fast and safe delivery in the Netherlands within 2-3 working days and complete customer satisfaction".

17th march 2020

Joeke Janssen

Senior Purchaser - Max ICT Pays-Bas


“Thanks to Cdiscount's dropshipping solution, we have seen a significant increase in our turnover, largely due to a much larger assortment, which corresponds to several tens of thousands of items, and to the fluidity of deliveries after sales on our site. I would like to thank you for the partnership we have established."

16th, January 2020

Daniel Saada

CEO- Pixmania


"We have been using the Cdiscount Dropshipping service for 5 years.
For us the advantages are manifold.
First of all, and despite our very important sourcing, there are many specific products in the Cdiscount catalogue that we have difficulty sourcing elsewhere, or at higher prices. This partnership therefore offers us interesting additions to our range.
On the other hand the dropshipping operation is very interesting for us. Firstly, because the delivery times to our customers are very short (less than 24 hours in most cases), and secondly because it gives us a complementary delivery point to our two warehouses. This is all the more important in periods with certain uncertainties (Covid) or very high volumes (end of year), as the logistical risks and volumes are spread between our different shipping points. For some time now, dropshipping has also made it possible to address the whole of Europe, which is an important point for us who are increasingly looking for growth outside our borders.
White label delivery to our customers allows us to maintain the anonymity that may be necessary depending on the distribution channels we use.
Finally, the sales teams with whom we work have always been open-minded in undertaking tests and increasing volume in a win-win perspective while taking into account the constraints of both parties".

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9th October 2020

Nicolas Michel

CEO As Discount


"We have been working on the dropshipping solution for a few months now and are particularly satisfied with the delivery times. It is delivered in 2 to 3 working days depending on the European country. White label delivery is guaranteed, I recommend the solution".

27th October 2020

Jordi Mercader



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