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Cdiscount Dropshipping is a complete and automated solution.We answer the most frequently asked questions about product catalogue management and logistics.

Cdiscount Dropshipping  Catalogue and Logistics

Where are the products sold by Cdiscount dropshipping stored?

With Cdiscount dropshipping, one of the most significant advantages is that all products are stored in our warehouses. This allows you to open and manage your website or marketplace without needing to have your own storage facility, and you will never have to deal with the problem of unsold inventory you don't need or can't sell.
Once you make a sale, the goods are delivered directly from the supplier's warehouses to your customer as a white label product. In the case of Cdiscount, our products are kept in warehouses in France. These storage spaces cover an area of 550,000 square metres, allowing us to offer a comprehensive catalogue with a broad range of products – all the biggest European brands, spread across more than 30 product categories.
Our geographic location also allows our delivery partners such as Chronopost to make prompt deliveries to more than 30 European countries. Our products and service will allow you to sell to a larger market. And using our dropshipping service also means you will have access to hourly updates, giving you real-time information about pricing and product availability. 

How does parcel tracking work? 

 One of the main concerns some businesses have when considering dropshipping is how much control they will have over parcel tracking. This is important because your customers buy products from your website or marketplace and will want to be able to contact you for information about their current order.

Fortunately, Cdiscount offers real-time tracking of your orders, accessed via an FTP "order tracking" tab. Information on parcel tracking, how it works, and precisely how you access the system, will be provided in the specifications you receive when you register for our service.

How do I calculate shipping costs?

Another major advantage of dropshipping is that it removes the hassle and cost of shipping. Our service includes shipping costs as an element of the purchase prices quoted in our dropshipping Product Catalogue.

As a result, this is a very simple process: You market the products via your sales channels, attract your customers and make your sales. You then order the products you have sold from us, and we send them directly to your customers as white label products. (The products will not bear a Cdiscount logo).

You will know the purchase cost of the goods you obtain from us and be free to apply your own pricing structure to these products. You will also have complete freedom to adjust your pricing strategy as you see fit, for example, according to the level of demand, or the tactics used by your competitors selling the same products.

Which carrier handles your customer deliveries?

Once a sale has been made and you have ordered the product(s) from us, the actual delivery process for your customer's order will be handled by our logistics provider, Chronopost International, a member of the La Poste group. Chronopost is based in France but provides international delivery services.

Thanks to our partnership with Chronopost, we can deliver to more than 30 European countries. The purchased goods are delivered to your end customer

Deliveries generally take an average of 3 working days, regardless of the country where your customers are located.

How will my parcels be delivered?

One key area where dropshipping services can vary according to the supplier you choose is the packaging. At Cdiscount, all our service operations involve white label products, which means the packaging carries no branding logo. In other words, there will be no mention of Cdiscount either on, or inside, the packaging – but also no mention of your company.

This helps to avoid situations where customers are confused because they bought from your website or market place and then received their products from another company. Using white label products is also a more affordable solution than creating individual labels for each dropshipping service partner.

Thus, the return labels provided inside the packages are also white-label, or neutral media. This is also important because there may be after-sales service requirements, for example, or a customer may need to return a product.

How long does shipping take?

All deliveries from our warehouses to your customers are handled by Chronopost International, and it is important to mention their estimated delivery times may vary according to the destination country. Deliveries to most countries covered by our dropshipping service take around three to four business days.

While this gives you a good working estimate, the timings might differ slightly, so you need to make sure customers are aware of this. However, in general, our shipping is fast, even for international orders.

Our rapid delivery service is one of the primary advantages of the Cdiscount business model. You can find all the information about this in the tracking files contained in your management tools. These elements are updated three times a day.

What countries do Cdiscount dropshipping services cover?

Although our Cdiscount dropshipping service is located in France, we have worked hard to try to make it as accessible as possible. At present, the service is available in more than 30 European countries. 
The list of countries currently covered by Cdiscount's dropshipping service is as follows: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.
So, if you wish, you can sell to customers in any of these countries, without worrying about the actual shipping process, because this will be managed entirely by Cdiscount and our logistics partners.

Do you only import Cdiscount products? 

Yes, the only products available for sale via the Cdiscount dropshipping service are those listed in our Cdiscount catalogue. If you would like to know more about our product offers, we would recommend you contact one of our advisers to discuss your needs. From there, you can then speak to a member of our sales team who will be happy to allow you access to our full product catalogue.

Our catalogue has been translated into more than 10 languages and the products are conveniently organised in different product categories. You will have complete freedom to select the products you actually want to list via your own sales channels.

All products made available by this service are stored in our warehouses in France. And for convenience, our product catalogues are also accessible via services such as Prestashop and Shopify.

What sort of products do you offer?

 The Cdiscount dropshipping service gives you access to more than 100,000 products classified under various categories, including: home, telephony, computers, sports equipment, small and large household electrical appliances, toys and games, garden, audiovisual, DIY and childcare. So you can be sure to find the products you want to sell on your website or marketplace.

However, please note we do not stock, supply, or sell food products.

It's also important to emphasise that you have complete freedom to decide which product categories you want to focus on, and which offers you choose to advertise on your website and other sales channels.

This represents a huge opportunity because it gives you the flexibility to focus your online store on a specific category or product area, target a specific population, or alternatively, decide to offer a much broader product line to a much larger audience. You can also change your product lines on the go, according to your ability to attract customers.

Do I have to create my own product descriptions?

No. Another major advantage of using our dropshipping services is that you won’t have to create product descriptions. Here at Cdiscount, we are happy to provide you with descriptions for all our catalogue products. And these are available in multiple languages.
Pre-prepared product descriptions save you a lot of time and effort, and also give you the option to sell to customers in many different countries.
With no outlay for product descriptions, you can afford to invest more time and money in other aspects, like marketing or maintaining your basic operations and functionality. It also helps you avoid expensive mistakes if, for example, your product descriptions don’t match the actual product.


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