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You have heard about dropshipping but still have questions? We explain in more detail how to develop your business and why you should choose the Cdiscount Dropshipping solution!

Your most frequently asked questions! 

  • What is dropshipping?

    Direct delivery is a simplified approach to business, where you accept customer orders, but a third party supplier takes responsibility for storing the items and shipping them on your behalf. It is essentially a tripartite business model that allows retail businesses to sell products without having to spend money to build up their own inventory.
    En savoir plus 

  • How to start dropshipping?

    With dropshipping, you import the product catalogue of your company's products. To start dropshipping, you will need to have your own online shop, capable of receiving orders and payments from customers. You will also need to be an officially registered and recognised company.- En savoir plus

  • How to succeed and make money with dropshipping?

    Dropshipping offers excellent opportunities to make money by bypassing the costs associated with inventory management, shipping and product manufacturing. Simply put, this means that for every sale you make, the difference between what you charge and what you pay your supplier is your profit for each sale. ... En savoir plus

  • Is it necessary to have a commercial entity to do dropshipping?

    To use the Cdiscount dropshipping service, you must be legally registered and recognised as a commercial entity. The procedure varies from country to country, but you will need a business registration number, or SIRET number, as proof of your official business status. ... En savoir plus

  • Where are the products sold by Cdiscount dropshipping stored?

    With Cdiscount dropshipping, one of the most significant advantages is that all products are stored in our warehouses. This allows you to open and manage your website or marketplace without needing to have your own storage facility, and you will never have to deal with the problem of unsold inventory you don't need or can't sell.. En savoir plus

  • What countries do Cdiscount dropshipping services cover?

    Although our Cdiscount dropshipping service is located in France, we have worked hard to try to make it as accessible as possible. At present, the service is available in more than 30 European countries. . En savoir plus

  • How to track orders ?

    Order details are available and deposited on your FTP three times a day (5am, 11am and 5pm). This updated information allows you to track your orders.
    You will be able to follow the preparation process of all the orders you have placed and you will have access to tracking numbers for packages.. En savoir plus

  • The customer wishes to withdraw ?

    Cancellation requests made by a customer are the responsibility of sellers using our dropshipping service.
    As the seller partner of Cdiscount Dropshipping is deemed to be a professional, the right of withdrawal does not apply. . En savoir plus


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