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The customer is at the centre of a retailer's concerns, which is why we explain how we manage the customer relationship with you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Customer Relationship Management

What should I do if I have a question during my introduction to dropshipping?

If you have any questions, concerns or doubts about the steps to follow to use our dropshipping service, do not hesitate to ask questions and get all the guarantees you need. During the initiation, you will be put in contact with one of our advisers who will be able to offer you personalised support.

You can also contact our customer support team. The support team provides answers in several languages and can be reached by email at .moc.tnuocsidc%40gnippihspord.troppus

How to track orders ?

Order details are available and deposited on your FTP three times a day (5am, 11am and 5pm). This updated information allows you to track your orders. You will be able to follow the preparation process of all the orders you have placed and you will have access to tracking numbers for packages.
These tracking numbers allow you to keep your customers informed of the status of their orders. This enables you to provide the level of customer service required

The customer has received a defective product ?

Unfortunately, as with any delivery service, it is possible that products may reach your customer damaged or otherwise defective.
 In this case, we will send you blank pre-paid return labels so that your customer can return the package. 
Once the return has been registered, we will refund the full amount of your order. You can then manage the refund for your end customer. 

The customer did not receive their order ?

A customer may not receive their package and we have procedures in place to deal with this eventuality. 
We are able to provide you with proof of delivery and check whether or not the package has been received by your customer. 
If your customer has indeed not received their package, you can contact our customer service, Cdiscount Dropshipping.

The product is damaged ?

During the 24 months following the receipt of the order, the product is under warranty. (Exception for Sweden, 36 months) 
The warranty covers malfunctions of the product within the context of standard use.

In case of product damage, from the day of receipt of the order, the customer will be assisted and guided towards the best solution to be able to use their product to its full potential.

The product received by the customer is different from the one ordered ?

This exceptional situation will naturally be taken care of by Cdiscount Drosphipping: return labels will be sent to you to allow your customer in order to return the product received and to receive a reimbursement upon its return
However, it will not be possible to return a replacement product.

The customer wishes to withdraw ?

Cancellation requests made by a customer are the responsibility of sellers using our dropshipping service.
As the seller partner of Cdiscount Dropshipping is deemed to be a professional, the right of withdrawal does not apply. 

These requests are under your sole and unique control. The legal right of withdrawal is therefore managed by you.

Who to contact in case of questions ?

You can contact our customer support team. Our team provides answers in several languages and can be contacted by email at the following address:


Contact us :


You can reach us at this e-mail address

Our sales team is committed to answering you within 24 hours.