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You are an online retailer, you want to develop your sales in Europe. Cdiscount Dropshipping is the complete solution from the French e-commerce leader.

In just a few clicks, take advantage of all the benefits of our solution: a wide range of products, product prices and product delivery to more than 30 European countries.

About us ?

  • 3.6 billion business volume

  • 20 million unique visitors per month

  • Over 9 million customers

  • 65 million products

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Dropshipping : How does it work ?



contact one of our business developer by e-mail at the following address : moc.tnuocsidc%40gnippihspord



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Customer Relationship Management

You can contact our multi-language service for any questions relating to Customer Relationship Management.

NEW : Cdiscount Dropshipping on Shopify ! 

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Download our APP on Shopify

#The application is available on shops in France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and the Netherlands.

1. Login to Shopify and navigate to the URL :
2. Click on the "Add Application" button.

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TestimonialsMore information

“Thanks to Cdiscount, we were able to offer Mall customers new items from France. We have been able to increase the sales exponentially and are looking forward for further cooperation in larger scale.”

17th, December 2019

Jakub Kovac

Sales Executive - Mall

"Thanks to our partnership with Cdiscount and their dropshipping solution, we have been able to add a considerable amount of products to our existing offer. After the integration of their catalogue, we have increased our sales while offering a wider range of products to our customers. The products are in stock in Europe, which allows a fast and safe delivery in the Netherlands within 2-3 working days and complete customer satisfaction".

17th march 2020

Joeke Janssen

Senior Purchaser - Max ICT Pays-Bas

“Thanks to Cdiscount's dropshipping solution, we have seen a significant increase in our turnover, largely due to a much larger assortment, which corresponds to several tens of thousands of items, and to the fluidity of deliveries after sales on our site. I would like to thank you for the partnership we have established."

16th, January 2020

Daniel Saada

CEO- Pixmania


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You can reach us at this e-mail address

Our sales team is committed to answering you within 24 working hours.